Santa’s Candy Toss in Westlake MUD 1

Posted on December 12, 2019 | 2 min read

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Westlake MUD 1 residents will be pleased to know that Santa will be visiting them early this year! On December 16th, 2019, the Westlake Fire Department will provide Santa an escort through the District. Santa and his helpers will be tossing candy for the children along the route, starting shortly after sundown.

Westlake MUD 1 Directors encourage members of the community to come out for the event. The District has donated candy to toss for this event, as well as water for the firefighters to have as part of their rehabilitation efforts during a fire call.

Westlake MUD 1 is very thankful and supportive of the efforts of the Westlake Fire Department and encourages residents to join them in thanking the department and staff for all they do.

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Westlake Fire Department

Santa's Candy Toss Schedule 2019

Dec. 9th: Barkers Trail, Barkers Ridge and Oak Ridge Village
Dec. 11th: Lake Ridge, Silvermill, Broadstone at Greenhouse, Lynd Apts and Inkwell Apts
Dec. 12th: Westfield
Dec. 13th: Westlake Place and Creek Bend Trail
Dec. 16th: Westlake, Westlake Village, Westlake Forest, Park Falls Apt, Terra Apt and Farmington Apt
Dec. 17th: Westgreen, Sundown, Providence Place Apt, Kenwood Apts, Westborough and Stone Creek Apts
Dec. 18th: Castle Rock, Parkway West, Station at Mason Creek, Lancaster and The District Apts
Dec. 19th: Deerfield Park, Amesbury Park, Rolling Green and Woodfern
Dec. 20th: Barkers Branch, Barkers Crossing, Cullen Park Estates, Grand Palms Apts and Broadstone at Barker Cypress